Ministries Today
March/April 2003 Issue, page 65
by Margaret Feinberg

It's refreshing to find a worship album where all the songs are new. The Exodus, featuring the band of the same name, has a modern worship sound running in the vein of Delirious, Matt Redman and Rita Springer. The relevant lyrics, mainly written by Exodus members, express a humble heart and passionate cry for intimacy with God.

The opening Freedom Cry is a plea for the liberty found in God's presence while Holy Sacrifice sings of the sacrifice of worship to the King. The tender Into Your Arms expresses a heartfelt desire for being close to the Lord and is an absolute standout.

The recording lacks the big bucks of studio-polished refinement, leaving somewhat of a recorded-in-a-shoebox muff, but even that is refreshing in a genre loaded with crack-'em-out and sounds-just-like albums. This is a great addition to any worship collection.